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Some have asked us how you can pray for Momentum City. First of all, I love when I get to talk about prayer. Secondly, boy, do we ever need it. Prayer is communication with the God of creation. Prayer is so integral to our spiritual walk. It is especially essential in church planting. 

Church Planting: Not for the faint of heart

Church planting is a risky venture. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Taking territory for the Kingdom of God is frontline spiritual warfare. Combine that spiritual element of warring for people’s souls with the physical element of moving and acclimating a family of six to a new community. Prayer is definitely a coveted resource. 

Over the past year since we moved to Murfreesboro, my wife Tina and I have prayed for God to hone our focus for Momentum City.  We’ve prayed with our eyes open in a sense, looking for a hint of God’s nearness in the midst of transition.Often, we have caught a glimpse of that hint and usually a few more than just one. And we do catch that glimpse, we hold on to it for dear life. 

In an effort to continue seeing those “God glimpses” we have designed a prayer strategy surrounding Momentum City and our efforts to start a ministry from scratch. 

Prayer focus guide for Momentum City

  1.  Purpose | Lord, clarify our vision and reveal your purpose for us, that we may fulfill your will for Murfreesboro, Tennessee and its people. 
  2. Provision | Father, show us your provision and your favor over our finances, resources, and relationships. Bring partnerships together and create a momentum that glorifies you. 
  3.  People | Lord, do a new work in the lives of the people. We are believing for lives to be transformed, hearts to be mended and for spiritual momentum to be experienced. 
  4. Participation | Lord, come and do a work in me and through me. Give me a heart to serve. Tune me into your will and into the gifts and talents you’ve given me. Give me the courage to use them for your glory. 
  5.  Protection | Lord, protect us from envy, jealousy, gossip and lying tongues. From distractions and destruction of the enemy. From pride and from selfishness. We plead your blood. 

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