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Welcome to our recently redesigned site. The all new momentumcity.com is your sneak peek at what is coming soon. From vision to mission to everything in between, this site is your hub for all things Momentum City.

You can get to know more about Momentum City here on the blog. There’s also a giving page where you can help fund the vision. You can check out our Core Values and even sign up on attend a launch meeting on the home page. Interested in joining the team? There’s a form for that here as well. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! 

Our most recent sermon audio will be available soon. Here on the blog, you will see regular updates concerning the vision and mission of Momentum City. 

Get to know the planters, Joel & Tina Barker in our first post. We’d love to chat with you. Leave us a comment, follow us on our social channels, or reach out to us via the contact forms. 

Check back early and often for news and posts.




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